Sideboards & Low cabinets

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Cabinet JH11
Two Door Two Drawer Black Matt Cabinet ..
$1,970.00 incl GST
Cabinet JH12
Two Door - Two Drawer Cabinet with Fan Design - High Gloss Red and Dark Grey (picture is lighter) ..
$1,970.00 incl GST
Cabinet JH16
Two Door Cabinet with Grid Shelf - Red ..
$1,750.00 incl GST
Cabinet JH7
Beautiful Three Drawer, Two Door Picture Cabinet  -  Blue/Cream ..
$1,970.00 incl GST
Cabinet TM1
Cabinet with 9 Drawers ..
$1,680.00 incl GST
Cabinet Tm17
Cabinet with Two Grid Doors -  Red/Black ..
$1,470.00 incl GST
Cabinet Tm25
Cabinet with Three Drawers and Four Doors - Red ..
$2,310.01 incl GST
Cabinet Tm3
Grey Cabinet with Two doors ..
$1,365.00 incl GST
Cabinet Tom50a
Antique Look Cabinet with Three Drawers.  Available in Black (Tom51a) ..
$1,686.67 incl GST
Cabinet Tom60a
Three Drawer, Four Door Cabinet in Black.  Dark Blue (Tom58a).  Dark Grey (Tom59a) ..
$2,473.78 incl GST
Cabinet XMIT17
Low Cabinet with 2 Drawers and 2 Doors - Elm ..
$1,069.01 incl GST
Cabinet XMIT7
Three Drawer Elm Cabinet ..
$1,924.01 incl GST
Cabinet YBR-11
Six Drawer - Gridded Two Door Cabinet ..
$2,766.90 incl GST
Cabinet YBR-14
Two Door Cabinet ..
$2,310.01 incl GST
Cabinet YBR-18
Two Drawer/Two Door Cabinet ..
$1,845.00 incl GST
Drawers YBR-56
Large Nine Drawer Cabinet ..
$2,509.40 incl GST
Drawers YBR-57
Six Drawer Cabinet ..
$2,214.19 incl GST
Low Cabinet Tom38a
Beautiful Cabinet with Four Drawers and Two Doors.  One only.  Colour is more Greenish tha..
$1,911.55 incl GST
Sideboard JH1
Beautiful Sideboard - Black with Gold Butterflies ..
$930.01 incl GST
Sideboard JH2
Beautiful Sideboard Red and Black ..
$930.01 incl GST
Sideboard JH54
Four drawer Sidboard.  Available in Black, Deep Teal/Blue, Grey ..
$1,530.01 incl GST
Sideboard Tom55a
Sideboard with Three Drawers ..
$1,686.67 incl GST
Sideboard YLJ-50
Seven Drawer/Two Door Red Sideboard ..
$2,179.01 incl GST
TV Cabinet Tm57
TV Cabinet with Two Drawers and Four Doors ..
$1,890.00 incl GST
TV cabinet YBR-37
Four Drawer Long TV Console ..
$2,192.00 incl GST